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Soon, we will offer advertising in our blog area.

Our blog will be all about reverse engineering, design, manufacturing, and having fun.  We love motorcycles, cars, airplanes, boats, and other fun toys. We have a few fun toys, like Harley Davidson motorcycles from the 1940s to the early 1970s.  We have some 1960s Ducati Desmo engines.  We have vintage spare parts like classic Ceriani racing forks, Fontana drum brakes, Lockheed/Brembo brake calipers.  We have a lot of parts!

We will reverse engineer these motorcycles, parts, and other items and show the blog readers how we do it.  We may make a few parts and show the various steps and thought processes involved in making reproduction parts.  We want to share and educate.

In the end, we will give away all the CAD (1).  Yes, we will spend 10,000+ hours on reverse engineering and making CAD, and we will give it away for free.  Why free?  We love these classic machines, and this is our way of giving to the bike/car/boat/airplane community and hopefully inspiring others to do the same.  Can you imagine free access to the CAD 2D and 3D for classic parts, engines, frames and other components?  Can you imagine creative people using the CAD to do stress/flow and other computer analysis, and what they will discover  and then share this information with the community?  Can you imagine inspiring a teenager somewhere on the planet, and changing their lives by sharing this knowledge and passion?  We can imagine it, and it is wonderful.

We want to build a global community of bike/car/boat/plane lovers, that are open minded to allow reverse engineering of their bikes, cars, and parts.  Let’s document mechanical art history.

Let’s face it, we are not getting any younger.  Some of us have incredible items or incredible knowledge.  We need to get these designs and knowledge written down, so future generations can carry on with our passion.  If we do not document, we run the risk of our passion for our particular mechanical art, will die with us.

At Global Dimension, we are going to invest our time and money to reverse as much as we can, to keep this history alive.  We are not made of money.  We need to generate some small income to cover our costs, hence advertising.

I hope all of you can join us on this journey.

Note (1): The CAD will be available and protected by Creative Commons (CC) license (attribution, no distribution, non-commercial)


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