F-16 scanned model using Creaform, Geomagic, DesignX, Wrap,SolidWorks

F-16 Laser Scanned

We had the great pleasure to scan a model F-16 jet, as the owner wants to make a duplicate. The original jet is laser scanned with Creaform Metra and C-Track, and the data is initially captured into Creaform’s VXelements. After we capture the data we need to process, clean up, and make it perfect for sending to a CNC controlled foam cutting machine. We use 3DSystems (Geomagic) software for this, namely DesignX and Wrap.

Reverse Engineer Isuzu Creaform SolidWorks Geomagic

Competitor Analysis

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We do competitor analysis on many products across all industries. We do a lot of automotive-based analysis, as we are geographically positioned in the heart of SE Asia automotive industry. These are fancy words for “we have a lot of car and motorcycle factories” around here. In this example using the Isuzu D-Max, we were […]

Judson oiler bung reinforcement in real vs CAD.

Judson Supercharger oiler bung casting detail

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We have reverse engineered several Judson superchargers.  They are a part of the classic car scene and are historically important devices. We need to accurately capture the character of the part, along with the functionality, inside and out.  Details are important. In this example, we show a simple feature in the main housing of the […]


Judson air cleaner cap

When working with antique cars, motorcycles, aeroplanes, it is extremely important to capture the “character” of the part.  Today we are looking at the Judson



We had the great honour of 3D scanning a Buddha at Wat Amphawan, Singburi Province, Thailand.  The Wat will make replicas of this Buddha. The


3D scanning a sacred Buddha

We had the great honour of 3D scanning a Buddha at Wat Tarn Ain (sometimes spelt Wat Tan En), Ayutthaya, Thailand.  The Wat will make


Harley-Davidson Aermacchi short track frame

Harley-Davidson Aermacchi motorcycles are very potent flat track racers you could buy from the Harley-Davidson dealers.  They were called CRS (250cc) and ERS (350cc), and had


Harley-Davidson Aermacchi frame tube sizes

During the process of reverse engineering Aermacchi CRTT, SS, H, early CRS, late CRS and ERS, we kept track of the common tubing sizes used


Aermacchi CRTT and Paul Brodie modifications

Paul Brodie (http://flashbackfab.com/) designed and made his own CRTT frame a few years ago, and he was kind enough to share his drawings with me.


MV Augusta artist Albert Bold

We had a great time with Albert Bold, and in my view “The King of MV Agusta”. What a great shop he has in Phoenixville,

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