Creaform Metra 3D scanning a Buddha.

3D scanning a sacred Buddha

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We had the great honour of 3D scanning a Buddha at Wat Tarn Ain (sometimes spelt Wat Tan En), Ayutthaya, Thailand.  The Wat will make replicas of this Buddha. The history of this Buddha is not completely clear.  This Buddha statue “Luang Por Krab” was presumed created during the reign of King Prasadthong in B.E. […]

Side view superimposed on the drawing, complex view.

Harley-Davidson Aermacchi short track frame

Harley-Davidson Aermacchi motorcycles are very potent flat track racers you could buy from the Harley-Davidson dealers.  They were called CRS (250cc) and ERS (350cc), and had front and rear suspension. Harley-Davidson also made hard-tail frames as well and included the drawing of the frame in one of the supplement documentation packages sent to dealers.  We obtained […]

Aermacchi CRS 1966 with cut set frame tubes.

Harley-Davidson Aermacchi frame tube sizes

During the process of reverse engineering Aermacchi CRTT, SS, H, early CRS, late CRS and ERS, we kept track of the common tubing sizes used on the frames.  The result is the handy table and diagrams, below. Take a look at the first column of the tube thickness table and you will see the letters […]


Aermacchi CRTT and Paul Brodie modifications

Paul Brodie ( designed and made his own CRTT frame a few years ago, and he was kind enough to share his drawings with me.


MV Augusta artist Albert Bold

We had a great time with Albert Bold, and in my view “The King of MV Agusta”. What a great shop he has in Phoenixville,


WWII wooden motorcycle workbench

Who wants to work on a motorcycle while on their knees?  Nobody.  Make a workbench! While I was surfing Harley-Davison WL 45 sites, I saw


Garden Gate Manx – The book about my bike, by Niels Schoen

Review by Patrick Downing, 1-June-2018 Amazing.  Incredible.  Awesome.  Unbelievable.  Work-of-art. Incredible journey. Rarely have I been so impressed with a book on engineering.  Niels Schoen


Krabi Thailand: 3D laser scanning roots/rocks for art exhibition

We had an exciting job in Krabi, Thailand.  We 3D laser scanned tree roots, a 7-meter tall rock wall, and a 3200kg rock in Krabi,


VW split window bus – reproducing floor mats

We had a lot of fun today, as we had a great crew of different people show up at our office. The highlight was a


1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia – America (Part 9)

First, let me apologise for the long delay in giving you an update! Good news, if you are an American and want to buy a

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