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At Global Dimension, we provide a wide variety of engineering and design services. We specialise in Research & Design, Reverse Engineering, Inspection, Prototyping, and Training.

Research & Design: Our design team has a wide variety of design experience ranging from cars, motorcycles, trucks, farm vehicles, pumps, home decorative products, chocolate molds, and too much more to list. Of course, the world is big and we can’t know everything; if we can’t do it, we will be upfront and tell you. After we design a product, many of our customers ask us to help get their part or products made in Thailand.

When a part or product goes to production, we also provide computerised “inspection” services to ensure your product matches your product specification and tolerances.

Reverse Engineering: We can take any existing part or product and create 2D/3D plans, so you can make a duplicate or modify the plans and make a derivative product. The process usually starts with our team using a variety of tools such as 3D laser scanners, CMM, and other tools to gather the precise measurements and geometry of the part, typically at a resolution of 0.025mm (1/1000 inch). We can measure higher resolution if needed.

The parts can be small like a piece of jewelry, or very large like an airplane – we have tools for a wide variety of project needs. After we scan and measure the items, we take this data and use specialised CAD tools, and turn that data into manufacturing 2D/3D plans.

Inspection: When you make a part, you need to be able to make sure it matches the plan. The first part, the 10,000th part, and the 1,000,000th part all need to match the original specification.

We have tools such as Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) and their shop floor portable equivalent (PCMM); these tools measure production parts very precisely and produce industry standard quality assurance reports, to make sure your supplier is doing their job correctly. With our PCMM equipment, we can work with manufacturers directly on the shop floor, to make sure jigs and fixtures remain accurate, so your product always matches the specification.

Prototyping: Before you go to production, a sample is often needed to make sure the product works as envisioned or has the desired ergonomics. We have industry leading 3D printing technology and can print in various metals and plastics. Some of our manufacturing partners often willing to produce small sample quantities of products, before committing to large volume production. We are happy to explore helping with your prototyping needs.

Training: We teach many people our skills, such as;
– We are the SE Asian experts on 3D Systems DesignX/Studio product range, and are happy to teach your team.
– We also can train your users on Faro PCMM and inspection software from 3D Systems and Delcam.
– We know the Creaform Metra/Handyscan product range and can teach your team how to get the best results from these products.

Please contact us, so we can discuss your needs.


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