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Reverse Engineering

Do you already have something you want to make or improve, but have no engineering drawings? We scan it, draw it, and give you 2D/3D designs.

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You have an idea but not sure how to complete the design and get it made? We can help. We can help you design it, produce the detailed 3D CAD files, and find someone to make it. We can also manage the manufacturing process for you.

Get the job done.

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Whatever you make, it should be to the highest quality possible. We provide first article inspection, and inspection throughout the entire manufacturing process. We have portable CMM, non-contact laser inspection, and other onsite factory inspection technologies.

Our CMM technologies can measure down to 0.005 mm. With our larger portable CMM we can measure with 0.025 mm accuracy with parts that are 20 meters long.

Let us roll up the sleeves and get a little dirty for you. Learn more


We are not an island. Spreading knowledge is fun and good for the industry. Training on 3D scanning, modelling software and inspection is our focus. We enjoy passing our knowledge to others.

Come and visit.

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A picture is worth a thousand word. A prototype is worth much more.

We can make prototypes using 3D printing, CNC machining processes, along with the creation of hand made one-off objects in plastic, rubber, fiberglass, and many other materials.

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