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VW Split window bus floor mat

We had a lot of fun today, as we had a great crew of different people show up at our office. The highlight was a


1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia – Netherlands (Part 8)

The Netherlands.  Canals. Windmills.  Wood shoes.  Cheese.  Coffee shops.  If we were on an African safari, they would call this the “The big 5” Seriously


3D laser scan of King Naresuan

We are honoured to 3D laser scan a 3.1 meter tall statue of King Naresuan.  This sculpture is the base for many duplicate and derivative


Reverse engineering an Aermacchi CRTT tank

The tank of a Harley-Davidson Aermacchi CRTT is an iconic masterpiece of design. The classic shape of the long rectangular tank with gracefully radiused edges


H-D Aermacchi 7801P NUT, 10mm

What do we know about this nut?  On Aermacchi bikes, it is used a few times around the front wheel/brakes.  The parts catalogue call it

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