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Innovative hinge for scooter seat design

Streamline Seats UG  ( manufactures custom-designed seats for small motorcycles and scooters.  They desired to make a custom seat product for a Royal scooter.  They


Triumph T-120: 3D scan and design new master cylinder

We 3D laser scanned, reverse engineered, and customised a new design of a Triumph T-120 motorcycle brake master cylinder/throttle grip bracket, and then 3D printed


VolksScooter at Vintage Bike Thailand #15

The VolksScooter went camping at one of the most exciting annual motorcycle events in Thailand, the Vintage Bike Thailand meet Kanchanaburi, Thailand.  This year marks


Harley-Davidson Aermacchi short track frame

Harley-Davidson Aermacchi motorcycles are very potent flat track racers you could buy from the Harley-Davidson dealers.  They were called CRS (250cc) and ERS (350cc), and had


Harley-Davidson Aermacchi frame tube sizes

During the process of reverse engineering Aermacchi CRTT, SS, H, early CRS, late CRS and ERS, we kept track of the common tubing sizes used


Aermacchi CRTT and Paul Brodie modifications

Paul Brodie ( designed and made his own CRTT frame a few years ago, and he was kind enough to share his drawings with me.


MV Augusta artist Albert Bold

We had a great time with Albert Bold, and in my view “The King of MV Agusta”. What a great shop he has in Phoenixville,


WWII wooden motorcycle workbench

Who wants to work on a motorcycle while on their knees?  Nobody.  Make a workbench! While I was surfing Harley-Davison WL 45 sites, I saw


Garden Gate Manx – The book about my bike, by Niels Schoen

Review by Patrick Downing, 1-June-2018 Amazing.  Incredible.  Awesome.  Unbelievable.  Work-of-art. Incredible journey. Rarely have I been so impressed with a book on engineering.  Niels Schoen


Reverse engineering an Aermacchi CRTT tank

The tank of a Harley-Davidson Aermacchi CRTT is an iconic masterpiece of design. The classic shape of the long rectangular tank with gracefully radiused edges

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